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    Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving

    Has you or any of your loved one received distracted driving tickets? 

    If you have, without any hesitation, contact Traffic Tickets Experts Canada for help to win your traffic ticket. Over the years, many Canadian drivers have maintained a clean driving history due to invaluable support from the leading traffic tickets lawyers in Canada. 

    In essence, these teams of legal partners work on behalf of affected drivers; achieving results with tickets relating to distracted driving. Also, TTEC assists drivers in understanding the effects of distracted driving and the responsibilities of the drivers to reduce it. You can save lives by eliminating avoidable distractions while some commotions may be inescapable. 

    The law against distracted driving accidents is taken seriously in provinces and territories in Canada. Drivers have to pay hefty fines and get demerit points in driving record, which has an impact on auto insurance. Therefore, it is essential to make yourself less stressed while driving on the road. You will get some insight from the below discussion about distracted driving and its impacts on people.

    Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

    A Distracted driver takes off eyes from the road, which is very dangerous because instantly within a second anything can happen, and the driver gets very little time to react.

    Distracted driving leads you:

    • to react lowly towards any emergency
    • to judge poorly in the tight situation
    • making errors and overreactions on the road
    • to injure yourself, your passengers, other people and extreme case death may occur.

    Distracted Driving Statistics 

    Also, for those who repeatedly violate such offences, our law experts would look at your case uniquely and work to find a winnable solution. Mostly, our experts have for the past 26 years continued to help drivers who have had problems with drugs and alcohol. Traffic Tickets Experts stresses on the need to obey all traffic laws and keep in mind the dangers of driving while impaired. Many Canadian resident drivers have attested to the warm and professional attitude of our lawyers working to help again restore their driving possibilities. Also, individual drivers who’ve had severe complications and once had their license suspended have all benefitted tremendously from the services of the company.

    As known, the dangers of Impaired Driving or Driving Under the Influence(DUI) of alcohol or drugs is real. Sometimes in life, you could only be too careful no matter how much you try to stay away from trouble. That doesn’t mean to say you have to be irresponsible and not be cautious. We understand from time to time, we as humans encounter situations and experiences that are beyond our control. It’s in this light that Traffic Tickets Experts sees fit as a core mandate to help give people a second chance.

    Study of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    A Distracted driver takes off eyes from the road, which is very dangerous because instantly within a second anything can happen, and the driver gets very little time to react.

    Distracted driving leads you:

    • to react lowly towards any emergency
    • to judge poorly in the tight situation
    • making errors and overreactions on the road
    • to injure yourself, your passengers, other people and extreme case death may occur.

    Study of National Safety Council

    Suggested reports by the National Safety Council, Drivers using cellphone is responsible for 26% of all vehicle accidents. Do you know that 5 seconds used for checking the text on cellphone means you blindfolded crossed a football field?

    A study of the National Safety Council in 2012, showed that drivers were 50% less concentrate on the driving environment while using a cell phone on the highway.

    How Does A Police Officer Know I’m Driving Under An Influence?

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving

    Police officers frequently suspect driving under the influence, when a person drives either too fast or at a slower speed. Also, when an officer finds you driving in a meandering or unstraight manner, they may decide to pull you over. In such instances of suspicion, they might further ask for your identification and details while assessing your overall demeanour. Sometimes, an officer might lean forward while talking to you in the hope to find a clue. Indications such as slurred speech pattern or alcohol odour would undoubtedly give you away.

    Similarly, they may use various techniques, including breathalyzer testing and other means to ascertain the state of affairs. In the course of the encounter, if they happened to evidence of impaired driving. Depending on the intensity or level of impairedness, they’ll use their discretion to tow your vehicle away. Most times, the decision to penalize a driver, mainly based on the extent of the impairment and class of license. In most Canadian jurisdictions, there’re differently acceptable levels of alcohol and legal drugs intake for various category of license holders. Contextually, the law tends to favour the experienced driver more than the novice relatively. Noteworthy, the 100% legal limit implies that the concentration of alcohol in your blood must not exceed 80mg in 100 ml of blood.

    Types of  Distraction Driving

    About 25% of motor vehicles related accidents happened due to distracted driving, and it is the main factor of cars compared to fatalities and deaths.

    What are the leading causes of distracted driving in Canada? Below, enlists the various reasons:

    Smoking-Related Distraction

    Statistics show that the process of lightening cigarettes, tapping the ash off or putting the of it off could poss an excellent risk for distracted driving.

    Moving Stuff In Vehicle 

    You lost your sight from the road due to the movement of pets or insects in the vehicle. Sometimes, you are facing an accident when you are trying to stop a moving object in a car.

    Using Devices and Controls while Drives the Vehicle

    When you are reading a navigation system, adjusting a mirror or seatbelts while driving plays a significant role in distraction. Someone may be in an accident for even a split moment of distraction such as tuning the radio and adjusting A/C in the car while driving in a busy road.

    Drinking And Eating While Driving

    Drivers are enjoying food in the car for covering late times to reach in office but eating while driving can be a source of distraction. Additionally, reaching your cup holds with the vehicle to drink water while driving can be fatal to fall in an accident.

    Using Or Getting An Item Into the Vehicle

    The majority of the drivers using a cellphone while driving in absent mind or willingly although they knew, it is illegal to use in the vehicle. Many drivers use the mobile phone in the car for talking, texting, reading an email or text which causing deaths of many people, and it is the second leading cause of fatal accidents.

    Passengers of The Car

    You lost your attention while driving due to activities of the passengers in the car, which results in a severe accident in Canada. Mainly children and animals are causing such distractions while driving. The passengers of young adults’ driver are distracted more compare to other drivers.

    Outside People, Stuff Or Incident

    It is the primary cause of distraction because you forget your main purpose by looking at people, stuff or incident outside the vehicle. Several reports prove that the passenger of other cars is a more common source of distraction compare to the person in the driving seat. Many drivers are lost their control over stirring while protecting moving pets on the road or reading a road sign for directions.

    Mind Wandering

    The third most significant cause of distraction is when issues or situation sidetrack drivers or lost in thought for long enough. Not focusing on even the slightest seconds could cause an accident. Very often, this leads to loss of lives to pedestrians or motorists. Sometimes, drivers become distracted while driving tired, mentally and physically.

    Makeup While Driving

    Female drivers are seen using to make up while driving, and it is pervasive in Canada.

    License Related Penalties For Distracted Driving

    The penalties for distracted driving are varied based on the type of license you are holding. The penalties are different between drivers holding A to G license and drivers holding novice or newbie license.

    Drivers with A to G licenses

    A driver holding an A, B, C, D, E, F or G license will face heavy penalties if found charged with distracted driving.

    • Mutual settle out of court: a charge of $490 which includes a surcharge related to the victim and court.
    • A ticket settles in court: a charge of up to $1,000 have to pay if you lose the fight in the court and award with three demerit points.

    Novice drivers

    A driver holding a G1, G2, M1 or M2 license will face similar fines as drivers holding A to G license while getting a ticket for distracted driving. However, the novice driver will not get any demerit points for the ticket.

    Novice driver will get the following penalties instead of demerit points:

    • First conviction: Novice driver will get a thirty days license suspension.
    • Second conviction: Novice driver will get a ninety days license suspension.
    • Third conviction: Novice driver will lose his or her license with elimination from the Graduated Licensing System.

    However, a novice driver will get his or her license back after having the graduated licensing program again.

    Insurances Related Consequences of Distracted Driving

    All insurance company handles the traffic tickets in their way. They categorize the tickets based on the seriousness of the convictions.  Every insurance company considers distracted driving accidents very seriously. Distracted driving tickets are regarded as a significant category offence by every insurance company. You would face a significant economic loss if you convicted for distracted driving. You will face vehicle insurance related complexities with demerit points and fines for the ticket.

    Impacts On Vehicle Insurance For Distracted Driving Tickets

    Distracted Driving

    You would get two tickets if you caught by the police officer for an improper lane change, speeding or causing any violations while using a cell phone or any other devices. Officers will charge you one traffic ticket for distracted driving and another for other abuses. A higher rate of insurance premiums is the result of such successive violations. You have to pay insurance rates higher than before rates for a few years. For example, about $500 could be increased during your insurance renew time next year if you have a clean driving record previously.

    You will lose the current insurance discount, which is enjoying your vehicle. As a result, your insurance rate will increase up to five to ten percent based on the insurance company. However, about 18 percent increase could be given, if your traffic ticket indicated for violation of prohibited use of a hand-held.

    High-Risk Drivers

    You would not get any insurance coverage if you levelled as a high-risk driver for distracted driving tickets. This situation could arise when a court convicts you for your dangerous or careless driving. Convicted drivers fall under the category of careless or dangerous driving are called the high-risk driver.  The regular insurance market is not accessible by a high-risk driver. A high-risk driver has to take insurance from a sub-standard market. It will take a few years to be a regular market client with clean driving records. The vehicle insurance rate for a careless driving ticket is almost three times of clean driving history. In the case of Careless driving with collision, the insurance rate asked by the insurance company is nearly five times that of clean driving history.

    Your insurance company will deny providing you with cheap insurance quotes, and you have to use an expensive one. Your insurance company may deny renewing your existing policy.

    Tickets For Using A Cell Phone While Driving And Insurance Rate

    Distracted driving tickets issued for using the cell phone will remain on the driving record for a long time. Insurance companies are considered the recent three-year record for setting insurance premium rates. You should be careful about avoiding getting distracted driving tickets within three years period for getting a lower insurance rate

    Information About Distracted Driving Tickets

    In Canada, the ministry defines distracted driving in the Highway Traffic Act as, “Driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for other users of the highway.” This definition includes all distraction-related issues and charges.

    Distracted driving is considered a severe offense like careless driving. The drivers are getting more tickets for distracted driving, which is more or less similar to the speeding tickets. Distracted driving is one of the significant causes of all road accidents that occurred across Canada.

    Prosecutors can prove tickets related to careless and distracted driving at ease as the law about careless and Distracted Driving is broadly worded while other driving offenses required more detailed and compact evidence.

    According to the Highway Traffic Act, distracted driving is one of the highest charged tickets. For this, an experienced traffic ticket expert is required to fight tickets related to distracted driving.

    Moreover, your insurance company may not help you to cover your cost of injuries if you are levelling as a distracted driver. They would not wish to defend you if the traffic officer sued you. In that case, we will help you to get the promised service from the insurance company regardless of your status in the ticket.

    Why Choose Out Traffic Ticket Experts?

    Traffic Ticket Experts is ready to serve you across Canada. They are experienced and having high standards handling the tickets related to distracted driving.

    Our Traffic Ticket Experts have an extraordinary success rate to solve clients ticket related issues. Therefore, you will get a better outcome while working with our experts as they have the appropriate and accurate knowledge, skills and experience to fight your tickets in the court. Our clients are getting the best service from us as we believe in integrity. Our Traffic Ticket Experts are always with you till solving the ticket issues in your favor.

    You are trying our best to dismiss your charge, but in some cases, it is challenging to get desired results. However, we will ensure a beneficial resolution in favor of you in those situations by negotiating offense to limited penalties and demerit points.

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